Winter 2016 Update

The Bees Are Chillin!

Bears hibernate, birds fly south, but what do the honey bees do in winter? This is a question we often get asked this time of year.

In late summer, the Queen begins laying special “winter” bees. Winter bees are physiologically different than summer bees, with different body chemistry and fatter bodies.  Winter bees live much longer (4 to 6 months) than summer bees (45 days).  Their sole purpose – to get the colony, and most importantly the Queen through ’til spring!

As the temperature drops, the Queen stops laying eggs altogether and the bees begin to form the “winter cluster.” If you have ever seen the movie, “March of the Penguins,” it is pretty similar to how the penguins keep each other warm, except her majesty is always in the warmest spot. Essentially, the bees surround the Queen with their heads pointed inwards and “shiver” their flight muscles to generate heat. With thousands of bees shivering, these tiny space heaters warm up the center of the cluster considerably! So while individual honeybees are exothermic (the need to get heat from an outside source), collectively the colony, a superorganism, is endothermic (it maintains body heat from within).

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The Honey Situation

We are sad to share that our supply of honey is slowly dwindling. Our honey has become so popular that we are having a hard time keeping it on the shelf. This means that until our next harvest (mid-summer) we are SOLD OUT of bulk buckets, 1 kg, and 500g jars. However, you can still contact us for small quantities or to reserve bulk orders from our next harvest.

There are however a very limited quantity of 1 kg jars and honey bears available at Red Door Provisions at 117 Beechwood Ave. While you’re there we highly recommend picking up a jar of their incredible preserves.

A few 1 kg jars are also still available through Savour Ottawa Online.