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Upcoming Workshops and Education:

For a list of our upcoming workshops please see our events calendar and explore the menu!


Available Workshops for Parties or Private Lessons:

Kids picking berries

Fermentation Workshops – Fermentation workshops are a fun way to celebrate and educate! Whether it is kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha or some other fermentation, master fermentationist Corrie will entertain you while explaining the science and art of fermentation. Or perhaps you need extra attention to get your ferments going? Corrie is happy to help through a private lesson.

Edible and Medicinal Plant Walks – There are hundreds of edible and medicinal plants right in your back yard and neighbourhood. We show you some of the easiest plants to identify, harvest, and use as well as discuss plant lore, safety considerations, and ethical harvesting,

Herbal Medicine Making – Learn how to make nourishing and healing homemade herbal concoctions such as infused honey infused vinegars, infused oils, salves, herbal tea blends, and herbal infusions. This is a popular one for bridal and baby showers!

Kitchen Medicine – There is a pharmacy in your own kitchen. Using common plants, herbs, and spices, Corrie will talk about some basic remedies for all kinds of ailments and together we will create some tasty concoctions.

Introduction to Canning  – Let’s preserve some of that harvest. I’ll show you how to make and preserve your own jams, jellies, salsa, picked vegetables and more.

Vegan Cooking 101 – Want to learn some easy, delicious, nutritious vegan recipes that your whole family will enjoy? Corrie will be happy to come to your kitchen and show you the ropes and talk about the basics of vegan

Floral Arranging – Want to save some money on wedding centrepieces? Want to create something stunning for an upcoming party? Or just want to send mom something nice? With over 5 years of professional experience as a florist, Corrie can show you some easy, but impressive looking designs.

…we have many homesteading skills. Please don’t be afraid to ask if you would like an education event that is not offered here.

How it works:

Workshops for Parties: Indulge in an afternoon of learning in our home or ours! We bring expertise, experience, and enthusiasm in a gentle and open teaching environment. Learn valuable skills through private, individualized workshops on your own or with family and friends. You choose the time and place and we show up.

Private Lessons: We come to you in your home or meeting place of choice to offer private, individualized learning. Often people learn best when in their own environment.

Contact us to make arrangements.

Not able to pay with cash? We are happy to barter for goods and/or services!

Cancellation Policy:

Should you need to cancel your workshop reservation for any reason, you must do so at least 72 hrs before the day of the workshop to receive a full refund. For private events, at least two weeks notification is required for cancellation for a full refund. Any reservations cancelled within the given time frame will not be eligible for a refund. To cancel an order, please contact us.