About the Fermentation

In an anti-bacterial world, fermentation is becoming a lost science and art. While fermented foods can be found in almost every culture, in North America very few eat fermented foods. At Radical Homestead, we seek to learn about these ancient traditions and share them with any one who wants to listen.

There are a variety of reasons people ferment foods. In the past, it was to preserve the harvest and in most places in the world this is still the primary driver. For ages people fermented things like grains and beans (i.e. sourdough bread and tempeh) to make them more digestible. We now know that fermentation reduces anti-nutrients (like phytates), increase certain vitamins, and makes elements of the food (like gluten) easier to absorb and use by the body.  What we also know now is that many fermented foods contain invisible microorganisms that have a beneficial relationship with our digestive system. Last but not least, fermenting foods transforms flavours offering a world of culinary fun to experiment with!

Fermentation is easier than you think and accessible to everyone. Our workshops provide you with the skills and take the fear out of fermenting. For a list of workshops, please see our events calendar.

“The idea that kombucha (or any ferment) is safe only in the hands of technical experts denies the long lineages of home and village production that spawned them and plays right into the disempowering cult of specialization.” — Sandor Katz, The Art of Fermentation

About your Teacher

I am a certified Herbalist and soon to be Holistic Nutritionist. My passion for all things food led me down the path of fermentation. I learned how to ferment by going to workshops and through years of experience and experimentation. I’ve made every mistake and have tried a variety of techniques that I am eager to share with you! Most recently, I participated in a fermentation residency program with fermented food guru Sandor Katz (Sandorkraut). I am passionate about teaching folks about the health benefits, simplicity, and radical nature of fermentation.



-“I learned so much at your workshop. It was worth every penny. I was a total beginner. You explain things clearly, meticulously, and with a sense of humour! You’ve opened up an entire world to me and since taking your workshop I’ve been experimenting with all sorts of fermentation creations.” -Susan

-“I wanted to thank you again for the great workshop. I think the most important part I have learned is that sourdough bread doesn’t need to be complicated. Online I always read about the perfect temperature, bread form, raising time etc. You showed me that I can just use what ever is convenient. I am much more relaxed and flexible in the kitchen now.

Your fermentation workshop was very inspiring and I have lot’s of ideas. I loved that you explained the fermentation process in theory. That made the practical part much easier to understand. The fermented food and fresh homemade sourdough bread you provided during the workshop was delicious. I would recommend everyone to participate in your workshop. It is a great way to eat healthy and save food which is at risk to go bad. Thanks again!” – Carolin, Foodsharing Ottawa

-“I had tried making ferments at home, but something always seemed to go wrong. You really helped me pinpoint my mistakes. You clearly are extremely experienced and knowledgeable about all aspects of fermented foods. Thank you my fermentation guru!” -Pat

-“Since taking your workshop I’ve been eating home-made ferments regularly. I used to be sick on a monthly basis, and took off a tonne of time from work. Since eating fermented foods my health has improved considerably. You literally saved my life.” -Melanie