Radical Homestead Spring Newsletter

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The Bees Are Alright!

It has been a long cold winter for the bees. Sadly, we suffered our first ever winter hive loss in more than 5 years of beekeeping. We went into winter with 14 strong hives and one didn’t make it. However we are happy to report that our remaining hives appear to be strong and are doing well. Overall, one hive loss in five years is really good considering the high number of hive losses that have been occurring across Ontario,

This spring will be the first spring for the hives we established at the Just Food Farm site last June. By the looks of it there will be lots of early pollen and nectar sources from the great diversity of plants and trees in the area. We think there is even more available to them at the Just Food Farm compared to what’s available to our bees up in the Pontiac. We’re quite anxious to see how the bees build up this year.


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Upcoming Fermentation Workshops

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Market Dates

The Just Food Farm Stand opens in early July. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the 2015 season launch!